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Dana Cooper

Dana Cooper

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Online Chinese Learning

Online Chinese Learning

The best way to study Chinese online!
Dana Cooper Dana Cooper
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Since : 30/04/2014
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“防晒(fángshài) ”---the word that you must know in hot summer!

If you have taken some Chinese courses, you will know that summer in China begins on May 5th or 6th , and ends on August 7th , 8th , or 9th , depending on the concrete year. The weather in summer is really hot, no matter you are in north China or in south China. Therefore, if you want to stay in China during this season, you must take some measures

Chinese Culture Learning--- “画蛇添足” Draw a Snake and Add Feet to It!

Dear friends, in Chinese, there are lots of idioms. If you can use some of them correctly, your Chinese friends will surely be amazed. Therefore, in today’s Chinese culture learning, I’m going to teach you a frequently used Chinese idiom, “画蛇添足.” If you want to learn more about Chinese idioms, you can check our audio Chinese lessons

Chinese Culture online: “萌(méng)"--- a very popular Chinese online word!

“Lovely kitty stretching its arms,” “a famous movie star making funny faces,” “ a beautiful little girl blinking her eyes”--- all these popular online pictures or videos share one Chinese word: “萌(méng).” In today’s Chinese culture online, I’m going to introduce to you this hot Chinese online word. You can learn more interest

Chinese Course Online---早点:Get up early to enjoy your breakfast!

As a Chinese Learner, if you have taken any Chinese language test, you should know that one of the biggest difficulties during your Chinese study experience is the homonym. Thus, in our today’s Chinese course online, I’m going to teach you one Chinese homonym: záo diǎn(早点). For more Chinese homonyms, you can ask help from good Chinese lan

Chinese Learning Blog: Delicious Chinese Food---”糖醋里脊Sweet and Sour Pork”

China is famous for its various delicious food. As a Chinese learner, if you have chance visiting China, you must try those famous Chinese cuisine. One of those delicious Chinese dish, is “糖醋里脊 (táng cù lǐjǐ) Sweet and Sour Pork” Therefore, in today’s Chinese learning blog, I’m going to give you a brief introduction about this f

“马上有” Style--- The Popular Way to Send Wish in the Year of Horse!

According to Chinese lunar year calendar, we are in the Year of Horse. Chinese people often send their wishes and blessings to their friends and relatives on their birthday or other occasions. Among hundreds of ways to express one’s sincere wishes, one style has become extremely popular, and that is “马上有......” In today’s Chinese clas

Chinese Classes Online---The Black Horse in the 2014 World Cup!

As the 2014 World Cup goes on, there are teams who are on the brink of elimination, there are also teams who have already topped their group to advance in the second round. However, like every kind of match in the world, in 2014 World Cup, there will ever be dark horses---”黑马.” What does it mean? You are going to find the answer in today’

Chinese Idiom: “滥竽充数 Pretend to an expert!”

Foreigners who are in the process of learning Chinese may have difficulties in writing Chinese composition. How to make your Chinese writings more vivid? How to avoid wrongly written Chinese characters? For the second question, you can watch some online Chinese lessons about how to write Chinese characters, and for the first question, one of the an

Chinese Story for Kids---The Crow and Water

For kids who want to learn Chinese, the best way is to teach through lively activities. Therefore, in today’s online Chinese lessons for kids, I’m going to tell an interesting Chinese story-the Crow and Water. If you want to learn more Chinese topics, such as medical Chinese course, Chinese culture lessons, you can ask our professional Chinese