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Student Accommodation Investments
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Aparthotel and Serviced Apartments – Hospitality Innovations

British Hospitality Association has revealed some spectacular outcomes of the serviced apartments industry. According to BHA, the Serviced Apartments and the branded Aparthotels surely have the abilities to innovate the modern hospitality features and modules. Moreover the stats are quite optimistic about the current recognition, success and core p

Make UK Student Accommodation Investment Vigilantly

Investment in UK’s property seems to be the safest side for many investors there, as in inflation adjusted terms in UK, house prices are down about 20% and the government has refused to permit house prices to be at market clearing levels. UK Student Accommodation Investment has also become ever more popular in recent years. The investment in this

Chinese Investments in the Real Estate Market in the UK

As per the spectacular outcome of the real estate industry of the UK, the investors and developers around the world are very cunning about the extraordinary outcomes and the strongest growth. Particularly from the Asia the property investors and the developers have divert their intentions towards this lucrative market to get maximum benefits over t

High Returns in Property Investment!

With increased volatility in the market property investment has become one of the most integral parts of investor’s portfolio. It keeps the portfolio balanced and hedges risk as much as possible. The seasoned investors are always in search of diverse fields to invest in and hence we have gathered list of some of the top notch property investment

Mayfair Residence Serviced Apartments Manchester

Supporting the UK real estate arena in the modern times, Trivelles a well know property developer is participating its unique habitual identity of plotting an exquisite persona in the property industry. Owing proven records consisted of several years, the firm has maintained an admiral and unique identity among its fellows of the same industry. Cur

Student Property Investment Manchester – The Most Lucrative Asset

In the last few years, the trends of living in the world have changed a big deal. The need of one person is the offer of other today. Someone wants to live as tenant and someone have accommodation to rent out. The phenomenon creates earning for one at the same time and gives luxury living to someone else. Education Creating Big Business Education h

Lucrative Investment in the UK Property

The United Kingdom is considered as the country of tourists and migrants. It is considered as the most expensive country to live in. This is the reason that the prices of property are rising on the daily basis in the UK. UK investment property is a lucrative business to invest in but it also involves risks. It is better to consult some property inv

The sluggish era of UK Education Sector

Not all the years have been the same, the history tells us. Not all the days are full of joys and not all worrisome. There might be some reasons behind this phenomena but overall the atmosphere and the environment always change prior to the symptoms behind their back. This was some what happened with the education sector of the UK in the year 2012.

UK Student Housing on the Longer Run:

UK is a spectacular education providing destination with a growing number of student population. The students are quite an asset for the country that are playing their vital and productive role in the country’s economy. Surely the student housing is essential for the students and thus student housing is too the strongest asset class of the real e

UK Rental and the Investment Market – An Overview

The UK is one among the countries worldwide that have generic importance due to their political, economic and the social stability. People move to these destinations to support their livelihood and to seek the best possible environment that help them to grow. UK has proved itself by holding people from more than 120 nationalities, that the country