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How to contact oprah winfrey?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous and powerful women in the world today. A lot of people obviously would like to get advice from Oprah herself, but how do you get in contact with her?

By Michelle
How to contact oprah winfrey?

Through her people

Oprah is a very private person. Even her own half sister tried to contact her for three years with no luck. That said, it is believed that the people she has within her inner circle, are the people she trusts the most. Piers Morgan interviewed Oprah, and it was this interview that launched his show on CNN. It is believed he asked Oprah's friend, Gayle King, for help with this endeavour.

Email or phone

Oprah has her own website called Oprah.com. Here, there is a section that tells you how to get in touch with Oprah and her staff. Here, you can also write to Oprah, submit a question or share an idea to be potentially used for one of her shows. However, don't forget that Oprah gets a lot of emails this way. Her staff look at them first, and maybe pass only a few onto Oprah, the ones that they think will really interest her the most.

Alternatively you can find a contact number on the website. With this number, you can book tickets for the shows. As an audience member you might get the chance to meet Oprah before or after, and will at least get to see her work. Furthermore, you will probably have a great time! However, keep in mind that these tickets are highly sought after, this being the case you might have to call a few times before you manage to get your hands on one.


Another way you can get in touch with Oprah Winfrey is if you become a member of her personal team. Oprah is a very good employer; she gives many staff members a break, and knows how to get the best out of people. Also she is known to give her staff great gifts and take them all on holiday, as a reward for the hard work they put in, a level of commitment she expects from all of them.

Becoming a member of Oprah's staff is very revered, so expect some steep competition. However, if you are serious about wanting to learn from Oprah herself, this may be one of the best ways to get what you want.

  • How to contact oprah winfrey?
  • How to contact oprah winfrey?
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