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A film review of The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance came out in 2000 as an emotional family film designed around the world of golf in the US State of Georgia in the early 1930s. This film was based on Steven Pressfield’s book of the same title, which was published in 1995. So, how does th se filmtack up and is it worth a look?


The “legend” stories are centred around an African American “bagger” by the name of Bagger Vance. His wisdom and guidance helped scarred World War One veteran and promising golfer Rannulph Junuh overcome his alcoholism and daemons to once again play the game he loves against two of the greatest golfers of that era.
Aele Invergordon This personal saga runs hand in hand with the fate of Georgia state during the Great Depression, as a former rich family’s daughter, Aele Invergordon, tries to resurrect her family’s fortune and the economy of Georgia in one fell swoop. Golf match A golf match is set up to turn around the fate of everyone during the depression in a desperate attempt to return to the boom of the 1920s.


Will Smith The character of Bagger Vance is played by Will Smith, lending his charismatic aura and considerable acting experience to the key role in the film. His easy-going smile and demeanour adds depth to the key character of the film. Matt Damon Rannulph Junuh’s character is taken by Matt Damon, who puts on a great performance as someone battling his personal daemons in order to turn his life around with the game he loves. Charlize Theron Adele Ivergordon is played by the stunning Charlize Theron, who brings class and beauty to her role as the strong-willed beauty with a vision to change her hometown’s fortunes during the great depression.


Because golf is an outdoor sport, naturally, the set of the film had to have amazing landscapes shown on camera to capture the beauty of the sport. Robert Redford The stunning golf course shown in the film definitely captures the beauty of what director, Robert Redford, tries to create. You cannot fail to be moved by the amazing scenery used in this film. Therefore, the set designers do not fall short in their work here.


Rachel Portman The score for the Legend of Bagger Vance was written largely by Rachel Portman and the soundtrack was released on 7 November 2000. It is not the most memorable soundtrack ever however, with this being said, it does exactly what is required of music, serving as a background to the plot.

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