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A guide to Black Expressions Book Club

This is a guide to the Black Expressions Book Club, a unique book club that solely stocks texts by African American authors. Among the authors stocked by the club are best-sellers such as Zane, Brenda Jackson and Eric Jerome Dickey.

How the club works

The club
When you join the club, you get the instant opportunity to purchase four books for around $2. You also receive an unspecified free gift.
As soon as you are an official member, you will have access to the thousands of books in the Black Expressions catalogue. This will enable you to enjoy discounts of up to 40% off Publishers' Edition prices.
You will also receive a free book catalogue roughly every three weeks to inform you about current offers and new book deals.
A book selected by the club will be sent to you. This is therefore an easy, no hassle membership just as long as you trust the club's book choices. The books
The club has a large selection of titles from Black authors. These books cover fiction, mystery, biography, romance, faith, heritage, cooking and more.
Searching for books on the site is easy as you can start by searching through the top
100 best-sellers, the author icons or even through a list of relevant categories.

Why should I join the club?

The club represents our culture, our voices, our books and it is very proud to stock Black authors only.
If you are not already interested in African American literature, I would recommend reading several works before signing up. However, if you are already a keen reader of Black authors, then this is the club for you.
The club also has panel of well informed editors who read the books and offer their advice and expert opinion on selected texts.
This is a useful feature as there are an overwhelming number of books to choose from. The editors therefore provide a much-appreciated guiding hand to help you select a book. Final word
The Black Expressions Book Club is an interesting and important club for books of African American origin.
Many typical book clubs stock a minimal amount of Black authors so a place where these authors can get decent exposure is of fundamental importance.

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