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A guide to Christian City Church San Francisco

Mark and Gail Smallcombe launched the Christian City Church San Francisco in 2001 under the supervision of the Christian City Church International. The current residence of this group is at 535 York Street in the heart of the Mission District, a few streets away from Potrero Hill Community Garden and San Francisco General Hospital. This article gives an overview of the Christian City Church San Francisco and its aims.

Early churches

Ps. Phil and Chris Pringle founded the Christian City Church International in 1980 on their arrival in Australia from New Zealand. They came with a vision to build a church and the Christian Centre Northside was the first incarnation of their vision. New churches Throughout the 1980s, their following grew and more and more churches opened as well as independent ones joining. A mission to open ten churches in ten cities throughout the world developed.
Churches in other countries Currently, Christian City Church International has 230 churches spanning the globe through North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region. Aim The current aim is to see 1000 churches over the cities of the world by 2020.

Aims of C3

The aim of the C3 movement, as it is often abbreviated to, is to help people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds to live their life best. Emphasis The Christian City Church San Francisco is a non-denominational church whose emphasis is laid on connecting people from all kinds of lives, helping them in their transition towards God and to the paths and purposes they are destined for. The belief of C3 The C3 of San Francisco also believes in nurturing these connections in a life long quest that, although may not always be easy, will be forever fulfilling in this life and the next.


The Lead Ministers or Founding Pastors, Mark and Gail Smallcombe have a small but dedicated team of Christians to help run the church. Valerie DiLuggo is the Connect and Worship Pastor whilst Mark and Amanda McGovern are the Team Pastors. Jonathan Chinchilla is the Program Administrator and Nita Thom takes care of the business side of the church as Business Manager. Lastly, but by no means least, is Jay Miranda who is the Youth Lead of the Christian City Church San Francisco.

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