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A guide to Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World in Florida is the largest recreational resort in the world. It plays host to more people per year than any of its rivals or its sister parks in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and California. Tickets to Disney World aren’t cheap, but its appeal is universal, so there’s plenty for the whole family to do. It's divided into four theme parks and each covers a different subject like wildlife, movies, the future and the magic of Disney.

The Magic Kingdom

When the park opened in 1971, it only contained the Magic Kingdom, so this is the park with all the history. It contains the most iconic building of the whole resort, Cinderella’s Castle, which dominates the skyline. It’s located beyond the end of Main Street, which is one of the six lands within Magic Kingdom.
Each represents a magical land of their own. Main Street USA, Liberty Square and Frontierland represent America at various stages of its history. Adventureland represents foreign lands and is the home of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Fantasyland is for the young at heart and Tomorrowland represents to the future.


Epcot explores the themes of international culture and technical advancement through two different lands, World Showcase and Future World. The park is represented by Spaceship Earth, which houses one of the park’s main attractions. Inside, guests are taken on a ride through time beginning with prehistoric man and ending at the dawn of the 21st century.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This part of the park celebrates Disney movies. Here the Sorcerer's Hat is the park’s structural icon. It takes its inspiration from Disney’s 1940 animated movie, Fantasia and can be found by The Great Movie Ride. The ride takes guests through famous movie scenes recreated by autonomatronic figures. During the ride, there are scenes from Alien, The Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Wizard of Oz.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

No matter how long your Walt Disney vacation is, make sure you make time for the Animal Kingdom. It's the most recent addition to the resort and it’s also the largest of the four parks. Its centrepiece is The Tree of Life. There are 325 animal carvings on its bark and a cinema is housed within the Tree’s root system. Here visitors can watch a specially commissioned short movie based on the Disney Pixar film, A Bug's Life. Guests can also walk the Discovery Island Trail which surrounds the base of the Tree and visit seven lands housing animals like kangaroos, ducks, cockatoos, lemurs, monkeys and tortoises.

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