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A guide to Henri Lloyd jeans

Henri Lloyd is a UK fashion brand famous for producing top-quality apparel. Renowned in particular for their sailing gear, the brand has expanded and now produces clothes for men and women alike, along with high quality jeans. Find out about Henri Lloyd the brand in this article, with particular reference to buying their great jeans.

About Henri Lloyd

Henri Lloyd is a high-class British clothing brand that specialises in attire for sailing, yachting and golfing.
The brand is now recognised around the world as rich, top-quality yet affordable clothing.
The Henri Lloyd jeans range is renowned for its quality and comfort.
For smart, stylish yet practical jeans, this is one of the best retail brands you can buy.
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A guide to Henri Lloyd jeans

Henri Lloyd are particularly renowned for producing a luxurious range of jeans.
At affordable prices, their range is very varied, incorporating different washes of denim such as light, dirty, raw, rinse, chino, selvedge and vintage.
They also produce excellent jeans jackets.
All of these are available in a range of styles and leg length, so you are bound to find the pair that suits you perfectly.
If you are looking for a new pair of jeans, this is definitely the place to shop! Do so at
Riley Vintage Short Leg
This stunning pair have a carrot fit and vintage back cinch.
Adorned with an authentic HL logo on the back pocket, these are laid back but stylish - the perfect pair of jeans.
Pair them with shoes and a shirt for an even smarter look.
Longport Dirty Long Leg
If you are looking for something a bit more rough around the edges, why not check out the Longport Dirty jeans?
These are straight-legged with a dirty tint, which adds to their raw appeal.
Despite this, they still maintain an air of quality and as with every pair, they are branded with the HR logo to affirm their value and quality.
See also: Longport Raw Long Leg Jeans for a slightly smarter look.
Ashwood Chino Long Leg
If you are looking for something a little more unique in your jeans, this is definitely a pair to look out for!

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