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A guide to Kathy Van Zeeland's bags

Kathy Van Zeeland's handbags are famous for their attitude, eccentricity and fashion-forward style. Not only do they offer the handbag lover the chance to stand out from the crowd, but the fact that these bags are also roomy and wearable makes them even more unique. Here, we give a guide to Kathy Van Zeeland's latest bag collections which will make it easier for you to choose from each and every one!

Women love handbags!

Women love handbags. This is a fact. The temptation when coming across the ultimate chic handbag is almost unbearable. Women also spend millions of pounds on the latest 'it' bags each year, and it is almost a statement of who can be considered most stylish when it comes to celebrities sporting their favourite designer bag. Accessorising your outfits The handbag can make or break any outfit, that's why they're an essential. However unlike celebrities, we don't all have the cash to splurge on the new season's handbag every time. So, it is often best that we go for something practical, stylish and wearable so it can match a variation of outfits. Kathy Van Zeeland's practical bags Perhaps this is the reason why Kathy Van Deeland's bags have become so popular. Each and every design is quirky, wearable and practical at the same time. The bags are roomy enough for all out every-day essentials, yet chic enough so that we won't look as though we're off camping for the weekend.

The trends

A unique look and style This season, bags are bold, bright and with lots of animal influences. Like any amazing designer, Kathy Van Zeeland has incorporated each of these trends into her latest handbag collections. Maintaining their quirky twist, Kathy Van Zeeland's latest collection of handbags still remain, well, very Kathy. Depicting modern trends
Her bags always maintain a cute modern twist, and her latest 'Mr.Postman' satchel exactly this. Decorated with postcard prints from all over the world, this eclectic bag comes in black, pink or white and is perfect for those who love a bit of character with their handbag.
Attractive accessories For something a little sexier, opt for Kathy Van Zeeland's 'Animal Instincts' collection.The 'Luxury License Ball' Satchel combines this season's colour blocking trend with zebra print and metallic hardware, perfect for adding 'oomph' to any outfit.
Final word Kathy Van Zeeland's bags offer an amazing variety of on-trend handbags which will take you from day to night. From satchels to shoppers, each bag has its own unique design which keeps them looking fashion forward and fun.

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