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Top five laptop rucksacks

A laptop rucksack can be a great way to transport your computer and all the bits and pieces you need for a day at work, school or college. This article explores the top five laptop rucksacks on the market to help you find the right product for you at a price that suits your budget.

Counting down

Website is the world's largest retailer of accessories for laptops and has a great selection of laptop backpacks in 15 and 17 inch sizes. Number 5 Number five on our list of the top backpack style laptop cases has to be the Targus Sport Laptop Backpack, priced at £34.99. Targus cases and laptop luggage items are well known for their durability. This smart, spacious backpack is guaranteed to keep your laptop safe when you're on the move. Number four At number four is the Jansport Driver 8 wheeled case for laptops, with back pack-style straps which turn this fabulous case into a rucksack. The Jansport Driver 8 wheeled rucksack bags can be purchased from with prices starting at £74.99. The Jansport Driver 8 is perfect for people who travel a lot for work or study as it has room for clothes and folders as well as a 17 inch laptop sleeve. Number 3 Number 3 on our run-down of the top laptop backpacks has to be the Samsonite Messenger V76-09006 laptop bag. This lightweight neoprene rucksack has a sleek design and is great for business people on the move. In an understated grey colour, these functional rucksacks are a UK bestseller, with space for your PDA, pens, mobile phone and charger. It can be bought from PC World in store, or online at for £ 44.99.

The top two

Number two PC World has plenty of bags, backpacks and sleeves for your laptop. Coming in at number two is the Quiksilver KGMBA102 Bulletproof II Backpack messenger bag. Quiksilver's school bags and backpacks are a UK favourite, and this compact laptop rucksack has enough room for exercise books and lunch boxes. Reduced from £34.99 to just £14.99, the Quiksilver KGMBA102 Bulletproof II backpack is bound to be a hit with parents and kids alike.
Number five Top of the list of laptop backpacks has got to be the Roxy Freely C.15.6" laptop backpack. This stylish rucksack is great for guys and girls and is understated enough for the office commute as well as for the school run. This bag is a winner as it has many pockets and compartments to keep phones, mp3 players and books and is a bargain at just £14.99 from PC World. *Prices correct as of 11.07.2011

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