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A guide to Napa Valley College

Formerly known as Napa Valley Community College, Napa Valley College is part of the state of California's community college network.

History and location

History of the college The college opened in 1942. The main campus is in Napa itself. There is also an Upper Valley campus in St Helena., and a centre for business development situated in small premises in downtown Napa.
The main campus is therefore about 45 minutes drive from Oakland and 40 from Berkeley. Sacramento is about an hour and a quarter away, a similar distance to San Francisco. There is also now an outreach centre at nearby American Canyon, with classes offered at a range of locations here. The college allows students to improve their education in a number of ways. They can prepare for a four-year full college degree, improve vocational and career skills, as well as simply take classes for personal interest and enrichment.
Description of Napa Napa itself is a small city of approximately 76,000 people, and is the county seat of Napa County, California, The campus is located on a 160-acre site overlooking the Napa River. This is California's win country, and the campus is also home to the Napa Valley Vintners' Teaching Winery. Prospective students can also apply for the college online, with full details available of how to do so at the college's official website.

Learning and lifestyle

Programmes and enrollment The total enrollment of the college currently stands at around 7,500. There is also a well-developed community education programme which offers classes in a wide range of not-for-credit classes and workshops, educational trips and tours, short-term occupational, and professional continuing education programs. Athletics
The athletic progamme at the college is impressive. Teams compete in the Bay Valley Conference in several sports: men and woman's soccer, softball, baseball and basketball. The college has a roster of man's and woman's golfers who compete in the Big Eight Conference.
Police activities
The college Police Department are sworn peace officers of the state of California. They focus their activities on the campus (though they are empowered to make arrests all over the state of Californa) and work closely with the City of Napa Police Department.
Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is the Honour Society of Napa Valley College. It holds weekly board meeting on Thursdays and opens general meetings at monthly intervals. All students are encouraged to get involved with the society.

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