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A guide to South Beach diet foods

The South Beach diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist who believed in a diet based on eating the right carbohydrates and fats leaving you fuller for longer as opposed to eating bad carbohydrates which can make you hungrier. He believes that by eating the wrong carbohydrates and fats, it is a sure way to put on weight.

The South Beach diet

The South Beach diet works in the same way as The Atkins diet in that it is in three phases, the first two with a specific timeframe and the third for life. South Beach diet phase one
Phase 1 lasts two weeks in which you will be eating three meals a day, with snacks in between meals and desert after dinner, each of these meals and snacks need to be eaten for the diet to work. Although this seems a strange way to start a diet, the big catch is that you must not eat any rice, bread, pasta, fruit, cookies, potatoes, sweets, cake, alcohol, sugar or ice-cream (these will be re-introduced in phase two). During phase one, you will be losing approximately 8-13 pounds. South Beach diet phase two
After phase one, your body will start to react to foods differently by using the energy which is produced from the foods you eat. The trick to phase two is not to deprive your body of food but to give your body foods which will be healthy and reduce cravings. Eating good carbohydrates and fats will stop you thinking you need to eat more food, and as a result of this extra food, storing more fat.
This phase lasts as long as it takes to reach your target weight. South Beach diet phase three
This phase starts as soon as your target weight is achieved. Phase three is about long term maintenance of your weight. After completing phases one and two, your body will be used to a different way of eating and phase three should be easy. If you feel you are gaining weight, then you can go back to phase two or simply adjust your eating habits to include more good carbohydrates and fats.

South Beach diet foods

According to the South Beach diet food website: Foods to enjoy are:
Boiled ham, canola oil, skinless chicken breasts, low fat cheese, eggs, fish, green vegetables, peanuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, olive oil, sirloin tofu and veal amongst others. Foods to avoid are:
Alcohol, bread, baked goods, cereal, full fat cheese, fruit (including fruit juices), ice cream, pasta, oatmeal, pastries, soy and yoghurt. For the full list, visit the website or read the South Beach diet book available online.

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