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How to find the motivation to lose weight

With often hectic career and family lives. It can be difficult to find the time and energy for fitness as well as the perseverance for preparing and eating the right foods. However, this simple guide will outline simple tips to incorporate healthier factors into your life, and motivation for doing so.

Getting the ball rolling: Motivation

How to get motivated to lose weight? It is often so easy to become complacent as regards to diet and fitness.
A picture of yourself
One way of staying motivated is by keeping a picture of yourself that you really dislike. If ever you feel sluggish, look at it and it will kick you into gear. It becomes a routine
When you get into a routine of eating more healthily and exercising regularly, you will find that you love your new lifestyle.

Stress-free ways to a healthier lifestyle

Tips to incorporate a healthier diet into your current lifestyle:
Firstly, consider your portion sizes. If you are feeling uncomfortably full after every meal, it might be time to cut the size of them down by about 25%. The right proportions
Furthermore, next time you eat, look carefully at proportions. Fruits and vegetables should take up a third of the plate, carbohydrates a further third, meat and dairy should use a quarter and the rest (the smallest segment) should be fats (preferably not saturated). Advice
If your proportions need some work, why not invest in a healthy eating recipe book? Breakfast
It is important to eat breakfast in the morning. While you may not have time to prepare something at home, grabbing a piece of fruit or a cereal bar on the way out is essential. It kick-starts your metabolism and will hopefully prevent you from snacking before lunch. Snacking
With regards to snacking, it may seem simple but go for a piece of fruit rather than a biscuit! Bananas are great for filling a gap and are packed with rich potassium! Water
Finally, drink lots of water. Always choose a bottle of water or fresh juice over carbonated drinks that are full of sugar. Green tea
Likewise, green tea is a great substitute for that morning cappuccino. It is refreshing, full of antioxidants and proven to speed up your metabolism. Physical activities
As for exercise, it can be exhausting to get to the gym, and even if you sign up it is almost inevitable that your enthusiasm will last the course of your membership. Instead, why not incorporate some exercise into your normal routine by walking or cycling to work or getting off the bus a stop early? Home exercise is also great. Fitness DVDs usually last about half an hour and are a great way to squeeze in exercise. Alternatively, why not purchase an exercise bike?

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