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A guide to a map of the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas strip is a 4.2 mile stretch of highway which is adjacent to, but not actually part of, the City of Las Vegas. Some of the world's largest casino, resort and hotel properties are located on the Strip, with some of the world's most iconic leisure architecture in a place soaked in glamorous history.


Strict Las Vegas maps will show that the Strip runs from Sahara Avenue to Russell Road, though the term 'the Strip' is generally also used to refer to the properties and businesses which line the route, as well as other places in close proximity to the road. The Strip is considered by the Nevada Gaming Commission to run from the Sahara Casino in the north to Russell Road in the south, though the southern end used to be considered as Tropicana Avenue.
The Nevada Gaming Commission considers the southernmost resort on the Strip to be Mandalay Bay. The iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign" is placed in the median just south of Russell Road, across the way from the former Klondike Hotel & Casino. Being a pedestrian on the Strip is relatively easy, with many casinos putting on shows outside to attract customers.
South Strip
'South Strip' is a term which is often used to refer to newer resorts on Las Vegas Boulevard South.
Although not on the Strip itself, the route of the Las Vegas Monorail runs along the east side of the Strip from Tropicana Avenue to Sahara Road.
Several free trams also operate on the west of the Strip.

The Flamingo

The Flamingo
The kind of hotels in Vegas obviously vary a great deal, but one of the most iconic hotels on the Strip map is the Flamingo, which was built in 1946.
This was the time when Las Vegas began to boom and attract the attention of some of America's biggest organised crime figures.
Final word
The Flamingo is located at 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South.
1946, it was known as The Pink Flamingo Hotel & Casino, and by 1974, the name was changed to The Flamingo Hilton.
All the buildings on this site date from 1970.
In fact, the last of the original 1940's building was destroyed during the 1990s.

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