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A guide to buying Ariston washing machines

The company, Ariston Thermo, began in the 1960s. The company manufactures gas boilers, unvented cylinders, water heaters and solar panels for the roof and ground, and is a part of the larger Merloni Industries which was founded in 1930 by Aristide Merloni. Under the Ariston name, the companies sells domestic appliances such as washing machines. These washing machines have low energy ratings and are available at many locations. This article provides you with a guide to buying Ariston washing machines.

In stores

Finding Ariston washers in stores is possible when you are in Australia. The Clive Peeters chain stores as well as the Harvey Norman chain stores have Ariston washing machines on sales. The machines offered are of three levels of washing machines, from the basic to the top-of-the-line Aqualtis. The machines all feature low energy ratings and efficiency. Washer/ dryer combinations are also offered as well as space-saving stackable washers and dryers. Major chains in the US, like Home Depot or Lowes, do not offer the machines.


Ariston appliances, including the washing machines, are available at online dealers such as Appliance Connections and A J Madison. There, the washers, washer/ dryer combinations, and stackable washers and dryers are for sale. These retailers offer specials and offer breaks for shipping. Energy Star The washers are listed as being Energy Star. Financing is sometimes offered through the websites which allow customers to buy the washers and pay for them on instalment. The washing machines' sizes vary from thirteen pound wash loads to fifteen pound wash loads. While the other washers are relatively plain, the Aqualtis comes in a variety of colours.


Ariston spare parts In England, Ariston washers are available in spare parts. If you own an Ariston washer, stores like eParts, can help you to find Ariston washing machine doors, washer/dryer parts, washing machine door seals, washing machine motors, and other Ariston spare parts. The parts can be installed by the owner of the machine or by washing machine technicians. The parts are listed by model number, and each of the parts are accompanied by a how-to video on the eParts website. They have high ratings by customers who have purchased the parts. Others have written to compliment the video service.

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