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Henry vacuums: The Facts

"Henry", the red vacuum cleaner with the cheerful smile has been sucking away dust and dirt for more than three decades. In that time, he has acquired three little brothers: "Henry Extra"; "Henry Micro" and "Henry Turbo". This article takes a look at each of these vacuums

The original Henry

How Henry saves his energy
The original Numatic Henry vacuum features the following:
-Two stage professional motor
-An energy saving system called "AutoSave" When Henry starts cleaning, he automatically uses his economy setting.
If more suction is needed, a simple push on his red switch sends the motor into "High" mode.
A second push returns it to the economy setting. Ten metres of power cable
Henry's power cable stretches for ten metres and is rewound into the body of the cleaner when not in use. Filters and tool kit
He has a "Tritext" filter system and uses "Hepaflo" dustbags which are designed to improve filtration efficiency. Henry is supplied with the following equipment:
-Stainless steel tubes
-A 300 millimetre floor tool
-A 240 millimetre crevice nozzle
-A 65 millimetre soft dusting brush
-A 150 millimetre upholstery nozzle with detachable brush
-A double taper hose tool adaptor. The cleaning hose is 2.4 metres long.

Henry's little brothers

Henry Micro's filter system
Henry Micro is supplied with the same accessories as Henry, but also features a "Microtex filtration system" which has been approved to the highest allergen standard by the British Allergy Foundation. Henry Xtra's additional brushes
Henry Xtra offers all the features of the original Henry, but his tool kit also includes a 290 millimetre "easy ride airo brush".
This extra floor cleaning head features a brush bar which is revolved by the pressure of air passing through the attachment into the cleaner's hose.
Henry Xtra also comes with a 300 millimetre hard floor brush. Henry Turbo's power brush
Henry Turbo's accessory kit is the same as Henry's with one addition - the 24 volt "turbo electric power brush nozzle".
This is 300 millimetres wide and features a powered floating brush-roll which adjusts automatically to the type of flooring being cleaned. Microfresh filtration
Henry Turbo also includes a Microfresh filtration system.
This involves a charcoal membrane positioned between two filters to provide a high degree of odour control.
His turbo electric cleaning hose is two metres long which is slightly shorter than the 2.4 metre hoses supplied with the other three vacuums. Shopping for Henry
All Henry spares, such as Hepa dustbags, new filters and replacement accessories can be obtained at

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