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A guide to buying Crew clothing

J. Crew clothes are fantastic. The J. Crew catalogue comes in the mail every season, and there are always many things that everyone loves to purchase for themselves. However, you should not pay retail when you don’t have to. This article will show you how to save a little money if you are a big J. Crew fan.

Section one

Clothing company outlet If you live near an outlet mall, then there's a good chance that there is a J. Crew clothing co-company outlet. If you're looking for basic clothing items, the outlet is often a good place to start. Quality of the products However, sometimes the items at outlet stores are produced specially for the outlet, which means that they are not the same quality, that is offered at the retail store. High prices Also, the prices at an outlet can be high. So, you can have a good look around, sift out the good from the bad, and there is a possibility that you may just find a good bargain. Sales
You must not be impulsive. You can surely wait for J. Crew's sales. J. Crew runs sales quite frequently. If you are patient, chances are very good that you can find the exact item that you are coveting on sale. Hence, you must not pay retail. If you wait a month or two, you can get what you want at a reduced price.

Section two

Online coupon codes
If you are planning on making a J. Crew purchase online, you can take a moment to search online for J. Crew coupon codes. You can get 20% off on free shipping, depending on the promotion that is running at that moment. You can visit to find out the latest J. Crew coupon codes.
Free shipping If you can't wait around for the sale and you must have something now and have no choice, but to pay full price, you need to make sure that you get free shipping. J. Crew store
You must not order from the catalogue or the website. You can go to the J. Crew store and place your order there.
Placing catalogue orders
Every J. Crew store has a red phone near the dressing rooms. It is there for customers to place catalogue orders. If you place your order from the phone in store, you'll get free shipping. It's worth the trip to the store as the J. Crew's shipping prices are unusually high.

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