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A guide to buying Gold's gym equipment

There are many things to consider when buying Gold's gym equipment. Firstly, you should ask yourself what part of your body, in particular, you are looking to exercise, as a young man looking to bulk-up his upper body, arms and shoulders will require vastly different equipment from the middle-aged woman who is planning to run a marathon. Other people want to buy Gold's work out equipment that will help them to boost their home fitness, for example.

What do you want to exercise?

Overall fitness and cardio Treadmills are one of the most commonly sold pieces of Gold's gym equipment.
Running machines and cross trainers should be used by people looking to strengthen and tone the muscles in their legs, hips and abdomen.
Treadmills are also ideal ways to train up your cardiac fitness, while sprinting on a treadmill will boost your anaerobic strength. Bulking up your torso, arms and shoulders Many people, particularly young men, invest in Gold's gym equipment to train their upper body, looking to add muscle mass to their frames.
Multi-gyms are perfect for these people, as they contain one main stack of weights which you can use to train a whole load of different upper body muscles. Note, you can also get multi-gyms that work out the legs too, through equipment such as the leg press. Other good torso, arm and shoulder strengthening equipment is a pull-up bar, free weights and a bench press. Strengthening the legs People looking to strengthen their legs in particular can invest in a Gold's leg press machine. This type of training is ideal for marathon and long-distance runners, sprinters and long-distance cyclists.

How much room do you have for equipment?

Measure your home space Take a tape measure and determine how much width, length and height of floor space you have available to give up for Gold's gym equipment.
This practice is particularly important when you are buying Gold's gym equipment over the Internet or through a brochure, as you will not be able to see the equipment before you buy. Note down your space's measurements in both centimetres and inches so that you can be sure when you are ordering Gold's gym equipment.

What is your budget?

Stick to it Determine your budget and stick to it. One way to get better Gold's gym equipment for less is to buy second-hand items through websites such as or Search various general online stores, such as Argos, and sports shops, including JJB Sports and Sports Direct, to find the best possible deal on your Gold's gym equipment. When ordering online or through a catalogue, remember that you have to pay a postage and packaging excess charge.

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