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A guide to buying Shabby Chic bedroom furniture

Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Boho are all names that describe the style of decorating that is vintage inspired and quirky. Essentially a collection of different styles, colours and textures, the overall look of Shabby Chic is decidedly feminine, edged with a nostalgic patina. Read on for a guide to buying shabby chic bedroom furniture.

Shabby Chic

There are no hard-and-fast rules to putting together a bohemian look. Bring together a collection of the things that you love and you will create an ideal space. Use floral patterned upholstery, ornate furniture and crocheted throws into the space. Use pastel colours with a heritage feeling about them to keep the space airy and light. Shabby Chic can be earthy and ethereal, or coloured with muted tones and vintage-inspired. Shabby Chic is about cluttered collections, patterning and ornamentation.

Vintage furniture

Elegant furniture is the perfect base for a shabby chic space. Start with classically ornate beds, a carved timber or metal framed bed would be ideal. Use wrought or cast iron side tables next to your bed. Bring French flair into your bedroom with a curvy set of drawers, or ornate side tables. An overstuffed or chesterfield style chair would go perfectly in a bohemian space. Accessorise with large mirrors and collections of candles, or glass bottles.

Decorative lighting

Play with the proportions of your space by using tall French style lamps on your side tables. Use different lamp shades to add an eclectic feel. Think of using different finishes like feathers, wire and beads, crochet or perforated metal. Clusters of votive candles add a romantic touch.

Patterned upholstery

Dress your vintage bed with pastel coloured sheets and a crochet throw. Incorporate liberty print pillows and cushions. For an earthy look, use a natural coloured heavy canvas or printed sacking fabric to upholster your chairs.

Shopping for Shabby Chic furniture

Dooley’s Furniture has a range of white-washed ornate timber furniture and pale smoked timber ideal for a shabby chic bedroom. Shop online at or arrange an appointment to view their showroom. Melody Maison has a collection of ethereally pretty pieces that crisp and clean. Visit their showroom in Doncaster or shop online at Nicky Cornell has a collection of furniture and accessories that range from the very ornate to the simple and beautiful. With a showroom in Hertford and an online boutique at that stocks a French inspired range that is both glamorous and shabby chic. The Orchard has a beautiful collection of farmhouse inspired furniture and accessories. Shop online at Sweet Pea and Willow is the epitome of Shabby Chic style with pale fabrics and vintage inspiration. They have a comprehensive collection of furnishings and linens. Shop exclusively online at

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