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A guide to buying a steel security door

The history of doors can be traced back to ancient Egypt where the doors were a little more than great slabs of solid wood. Even from that time, one of the functions of the door has changed very little: Providing security. Steel security doors are an example of how modern technology and construction have combined to create a door that can not only provide security, but be rated for fire safety as well. This article acts as a guide to buying a steel security door.

Steel entry doors

The first category of steel security doors includes entry doors. These doors can be single doors or double doors. Many door suppliers offer a variety of options, such as choices of locks or multiple locks, door closers, letter boxes, entry systems, vision panels and more. The steel doors come with multiple adjustors which make fitting them to the doorway during the installation easier. Custom doors
If you cannot find a door that fits the space required, companies can make custom doors to your specifications. With the larger hinged doors, up to six hinges help to support the doors' weight and ensure their usability.

Fire rated doors

Fire rated doors are steel security doors that have a fire rating, i.e. they are classified by how long the doors are able to withstand fire. Some metal doors have a fire rating of four hours, which means that the door will be able to contain fire and smoke for up to four hours. Purpose Fire rated steel security doors are often exit doors that open only one way. Other steel doors, like those at the foot of staircases in commercial buildings or between wings, are engineered to close when fire is detected. Fire doors are either single or double. Like entry doors, they can also be custom.

Ventilated steel security doors

A ventilated steel security door provides security as well as airflow via louvers that are punched into the doors, the louvers are too small to allow entry to fingers or tools for forcing open a door. These doors can also be custom and come in a variety of colours. If keeping out vermin is a concern, the doors fulfil this duty as well. Ventilated doors work well in plant rooms, bin stores, substations and storage rooms.

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