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A guide to buying children's furniture

Children's furniture needs to be tough, safe and functional but it can also be fun, whimsical, magical or simply outrageous. When planning a child's bedroom, use the furnishings to help create a bedroom where your child will feel safe and happy and where they can enjoy spending time. Read this article which is a guide to buying children's furniture.

Beds with play area

Beds for kids come in many shapes and sizes. Giving a child a double bed may make them feel a little scared about sleeping alone, so most parents begin with a little bed where the child can be tucked in and feel secure. Depending on the amount of room you have, choose beds with desks or cabin beds to incorporate a play area into the room.

Beds with storage

Children's beds can also include great storage areas. Roll out boxes where all manner of toys or clothes can be kept area ideal for a small room. Even in a room with bunk beds extra space can be made by fixing hooks on the end of the bed for dressing gowns to hang neatly.

Boys' rooms

Boys' room can include boys beds in the shape of a racing car or a rocket. Alternatively, simply choose bedding to fit in with your son's current favourites. A football themed room or a jungle theme are equally easy to achieve with a little thought and planning. Make kids storage a part of the theme by adding treasure chests to a pirate themed room or painting a wardrobe to look like a locker for a footie mad boy.

Girls' rooms

Girls' rooms can be made to look as pretty as a picture with fairy lights and pretty drapes transforming a simple bed. Choose from a range of kids sofas for a girly space where your daughter can cosy up with her friends and use silver spray to transform toys storage boxes into something more magical.

Work space

Kids also need a place where they can work out their homework, so try to incorporate kids desks into every design. These need not take up too much room if space is limited, so consider desks inside cabin beds or roll out tables that fit into built-in wardrobes.

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