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A guide to buying collectible Everton football programmes

Collectable Everton football programmes are widely available both in person and on the Internet. Searching for one particular programme from many years ago can prove a frustrating but ultimately rewarding pursuit; there's no feeling for a collector such as filling a season or even decade of matches with old football programmes.


Websites Internet presence such as specialise in selling Everton football memorabilia, particularly match programmes.
Search through the archives, which are categorised into each individual season, to see if you can find the collectable programme you are searching for. Forums Everton Football Club forums are also a good place to track down old programmes. Often, fans of the club looking to sell their old programmes will advertise them through official and unofficial club forums. Furthermore, you can visit the forum and ask their members whether they can sell you that particular programme. Forums often have a specific sub-section dedicated to the trading of old club programmes. Programme fairs Club's and their fan groups commonly organise one or two programme fairs each year. Here, collectors can meet, buy and sell old Everton programmes - there is often a plentiful range of programmes dating back many decades at club-organised programme fairs.

General programmes

Websites There are several websites available on the Internet that sell old club programmes from all football clubs, not just Everton. Visit or and search through their range of old Everton programmes. Click through to purchase your desired programmes through these websites, but you should bear in mind that they are often more expensive through general programme sites than they are in other places. Programme fairs General programme fairs, where collectors can buy and sell programmes from all football clubs, are often held at large-scale football events, such as the FA Cup final. Keep an eye out on message boards and forums to find out more details about when and where these fairs are held.

Other sources The auction website eBay is a rich source of memorabilia football programmes, with popular clubs like Everton strongly represented. Search through the range of programmes on offer by searching for "Everton" in the search box and setting up the yellow menu on the left hand side of the screen to tailor your search to football memorabilia and programmes.

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