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A guide to buying lounge furniture in the UK

The lounge is where we spend much of our time and where we invite guests and family to relax, so choosing the right furniture to reflect our lifestyle, personalty and taste is very important. Naturally, what we buy will depend on the cost but there has never been a better time to refurnish your home with so many sales in the furnishings world. This article provides you with a guide to buying lounge furniture in the UK.


Lounge sofas are the single most important item in the room. Whether you choose large squashy sofas for a family feel or tubular steel framed sofas for an elegant designer look, the room will reflect your style and the way you use it. Opt for leather sofas if you have kids and animals so that you can wipe it clean with ease. Big white or cream sofas in soft cottons scream luxury but are not great for a family with kids.


The lighting in your room should be variable, especially if your room is multi- functional. If the dining table doubles as a homework desk, then you will need to lower the lights for intimate dining lighting but have brighter lights when working. Achieve this with overhead lights, lamps and wall lights to get the correct balance. Include some coloured bulbs to change the feel of the room.


A good mix of High-Street and designer items such as beanbags or retro stools from a classic design shop or design store will give your room a unique look at matches practical living with beautiful things


Every home should have somewhere where the family can sit and eat together. If you are lucky enough to have a dining room, choose a dining table big enough to seat at least two extra guests. Oak dining tables are expensive but will last for generations, or you can opt for cheaper dining sets and jazz them up with funky tableware.

Invest in your home

Whatever you choose, make sure it is what you like. Don't be swayed by beans bags if you have a bad back and can't get up easily. The most important thing about furnishing your home is that it becomes your sanctuary and you want to return to it each evening

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