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A guide to buying mirrored wardrobes

A good wardrobe keeps your room organised and ordered. Combine it with a mirror and you enjoy benefits of adding to the room decor and availing of a reflective surface. Mirrored wardrobes are popular since they integrate a mirror into what is essentially a storage solution. If you are thinking of buying a mirrored wardrobe, read this guide to learn about various options, features and selection.

Door operation

Wardrobe mirror doors can be designed for all types of opening systems. They are available in traditional swinging doors, but very popular in sliding mirror wardrobe doors. Even cupboards with wardrobe drawers can be finished with mirrors. Door panel operation should be selected, based on room layout and location of cupboard. Mirror sliding doors do not swing out and the wardrobe interior is accessed without any interference.

Mirror configurations

Wardrobes may be completely mirrored or combined with other materials, most commonly wood. This determines the visual appearance of the wardrobe and should match with room decor. Full panel mirrors They may be used on both the front and sides of wardrobes or on the front only. Often, the wardrobe will seem to blend and virtually disappear within the decor. They are great for small rooms and modern wardrobes since they effectively create the illusion of a larger space. Full panel mirror heights can be as much as 2.4m. Segmented panels of mirrors
They create interested contrasts with other materials. Usually, panels which are one-third of the size of door or lesser are used for interesting proportion. Slim panels of mirrors give the appearance of a rail and create a contemporary look. Decorative designs
They have mirrors which stand out from the wardrobe for a more traditional and ornamental look. They may use beadings, frames and bevelled edges. Decorative accents may be included by way of frosted or etched designs. If a film has been used to create the frosted effect, check it for scratch-resistance.

Features and selection

Inspect the construction, finish and storage features of the wardrobe.
Some designs integrate a small ledge, shelf or drawer to hold hair brushes and personal items. They may even have a recess under the mirror large enough to roll in a dresser stool. This can be a space-saver since it integrates the dresser function with the wardrobe. Check for scope to include lights. Mirrored door wardrobes may be purchased online or from furniture stores. Made-to-measure wardrobes can be customised for your room dimensions and other criteria. It is also possible to re-model an existing wardrobe and adding a mirror to the door panel. Keep function and decor in mind when buying a mirrored wardrobe.

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