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A guide to buying shorts for women

Whether you're looking for women's running shorts and gym wear or fashionable shorts for a sexy summer look, finding the right pair of women's shorts is not always easy. This article explores where to buy shorts for women to help you find the right product to suit your needs.

Boardwear and beach shorts

Roxy Roxy has some great women's surf shorts on sale at in the US. Favourites include the pretty retro hotpant-style board shorts for women in green and white stripes which cost US$46.00.
These make great ladies summer shorts for relaxing on the beach or in the park. Roxy board shorts can double as swim shorts for women who aren't keen on skimpy bikini bottoms.If you feel a little exposed in very small shorts, check out the longer length Mojave Beach black board shorts for women, priced at US$39.50.
Animal Animal board shorts in ladies' styles are also great for beach wear. The well-known surf brand has some fantastic women's cargo shorts, such as the Towhee shorts, which will protect sensitive thighs from the sun. This is available from
Also worth a look are the Hurley Women's Chicken Scratch Bermuda-style shorts, which are pretty and relaxed shorts that will book great on the beach.

City chic and gym wear

Primark For those ladies who only wear shorts on their summer holiday, branded board shorts might seem like a big investment. For cheap board shorts, take a trip to Primark which have some fabulous women's summer shorts which look very similar to those available on the Roxy website.
Women's Jean shorts can be a great alternative and look especially good teamed with a fabulous top for evening wear.
Primark also has a great selection of ladies denim shorts and skirts for women seeking a summery city look.
Other favourites in Primark include the sexy white Jean shorts for women who want a daring, sexy festival look. Summer Sports shorts In the summer, going to the gym or out for a run in your ordinary trousers or leggings can be hot and sticky.
A pair of cycling shorts can help women stay cool in the gym.
M&M Direct have some great designer sports pants and shorts.
Check out Reebok's Women's PlayDry Cycling Shorts in black.
These make excellent jogging shorts as the streamlined style will help you to run faster, while keeping everything in place.
These and other running shorts are available in the UK at the reduced price of £7.99 from *Prices correct as of 22.06.11

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