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A guide to careers in business

Today's business environment has become fiercer and more competitive than say ten or 20 years ago. Nevertheless, it remains attractive to many due to the challenges and the massive monetary rewards awaiting those who are brave enough to venture the world of business. This article provides a guide to careers in business.

Business management

Management sits atop the hierarchy of business. Managers are needed in every type of business endeavour. Managers are responsible for the overall performance of the business. The typical manager is goal-oriented, well-disciplined and should know how to influence and sympathise with people.


Accounting is another important field in business. An accountant's main task includes recording, reporting and interpreting relevant and timely financial transactions that are bound to affect the business one way or another.

Banking and finance

Banking and finance is another critical field in business that needs highly talented and smart individuals. Job seekers who are looking for a job in the field of banking and finance should be business majors, preferably in financial management, commerce or other banking and finance courses.

Advertising and promotion

Careers in the advertising and promotion field are fun and exciting to say the least. Some examples of advertising and promotion tasks include social media management, company product launching and the conceptualisation and release of promotions that can stimulate customer and business activity.

Market research and planning

Market research and planning business careers are in demand in the field of business. Ideally, if you want to have a career in the field of market research and planning, you should take courses in the field of marketing management and statistics.

Human resource

Human resource is one of the best admin careers in business. Human resource personnel are usually in charge of the screening and selection process of job aspirants and candidates. A degree in psychology, behavioural management and/or human relations best fits human resource jobs.

Real estate

Real estate is another rewarding field in business. Being a real estate agent requires certifications and training from reputed real estate organisations and agencies.

Wealth management

Careers in wealth management requires in-depth knowledge on several areas including stock market trading, portfolio management, investment banking and real estate among others. Wealth management jobs like stock broker jobs are aimed to help people manage their estate and prepare for retirement.

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