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A guide to choosing a star printer

Star Micronics is a very popular printer brand, and they make a huge variety of printers ranging from receipt printers to ticket printers. They are a very solid company with plenty to offer, so come to find out exactly what type of printer you want for your needs!

How to determine which one you need

The first question you want to ask yourself is, "what printer do I need?" This is probably the easiest to answer because you most likely already have this in mind. Now that you narrowed down your choices to a handful of printer, the next question will narrow it down even more.
Room needed
You then, want to ask yourself how much room you need. Is this going to be sitting on a counter for a long time, or are you going to be moving this printer around? How much room do you have for a printer on the counter? Based on the answer to this question, you can narrow down your choices to just a few printers as a result. Some of the star printers will be discussed below.

Star printer model

Their portable printer The SM S-200 and SM S-300 are very popular portable printer models. It is popular because they are extremely tiny, so you can carry them around anywhere. For people who do much sales on the job, this is a must-have printer as you can store it virtually anywhere without it being a hassle. It is not your bulky and typical printer. The FVP printer The FVP printer is your typical receipt printer that you will see at a store, but this one is a little bit different because it is of a higher quality. The FVP printer is a high quality printer that can print quickly, efficiently, and it is mountable. This is a high quality printer, so if you just need a printer at your store, this is the way to go. The HSP series These are hybrid printers, so they do more than just print receipts. For this reason, you do not want to get this printer unless you have other things in mind such as printing validation slips and other things. The TSP series The TSP series is another typical receipt printer, but the design is a little bit different, and this is also of a very high quality.

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