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A guide to drain cleaner

Cleaning clogged drains can be a very challenging and messy business but with right tools and cleaning materials, you can get the job done without so many hitches. You do not need to buy expensive cleaning products to unblock your drainage system. There are plenty of good products in the market that do not come with hefty price tags. To help you to choose the right cleaning supplies, here are some tips.

Know the cause of the clogging first before you buy cleaning products

To deal with drain clogging efficiently, you need to know the source of the problem and address it directly. If grease prevents liquids from passing through the drainage pipes smoothly, you can clean the mess by commercial drain cleaning products. If you cannot afford to buy commercial degreasing products, you can make your own drain cleaner using vinegar, bleach and soap. If the clogging problem is caused by foreign objects, dirt, grime or sludge inside the pipes, you may need to get cleaning machines such as drain jetters to clear the pipes. Drain jetters Drain jetters use strong water pressure to flush pipes clean and it is ideal for drain and sewer cleaning. Just take care not to use too much water pressure when unblocking small pipes to avoid causing damage on your drainage system. If jetting the pipes with water does not solve the problem, you may need to take the drainage system apart and manually remove the objects lodged inside the pipes. To do this, you will need a drain opener and some plumbing tools.

Go for organic products instead of synthetic ones

Although using strong chemicals to get rid of grease inside your drain may be convenient, it is not the best solution to your clogging problems. Note that strong chemicals can cause health problems and it can damage the environment, so as much as possible, you should refrain from using these products. Instead of using chemicals to clean your drains, you should go for eco-friendly organic products. You can buy many of these eco-friendly cleaning products online for very affordable prices.


Cleaning materials are not created equal and certain brands produce better cleaning products than the others. To be on the safe side, you should go for those well-trusted brands when buying cleaners.

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