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A guide to email management software

Email management helps in ensuring effective email communication. The email tools of this email software help you in scanning messages and tracking email responses of your company. You can quickly solve customer queries through this email management software.

Email management software: A necessity

Emails form an integral means of communication in any organisation. Many companies today use this form of communication with their customers. Tracking and responding to these bulk of emails can be a cumbersome activity. It burdens the customer contact centres and also causes dissatisfaction among grieving customers. Installing an email management software helps you in tackling all these issues. Its email tools successfully track responses, and automatically reply to queries through the available knowledge base.

Benefits of email management software

Some important benefits of email software include increased efficiency and speed. Customer satisfaction is enhanced as its email queries are solved immediately through this business CRM software. This helps in improving the level of contact management as customers are automatically directed through different channels. All redundant inquiries also get automatically eliminated through the system. Email management software helps in routing emails. This software also helps you in including links of communities. After scanning messages, the email tools automatically provide relevant answers to all email queries. Communication devices such as chat are also enhanced with this email software. Email management software helps in eliminating spam as the spam filters can detect spam emails with a proven efficiency of 97%. Multi-channel cases can be worked through this email software. You can track, chat and phone through a single tracking number thanks to this email software. The email tools track all history related to each email received as ticket numbers are allotted to every incoming email.

Email management software: Archive emails

Email management systems provide a centralised platform for managing the email content received and sent by employees of an organisation. The email software helps in managing emails of a business as the content, retention period and access controls are governed by this software. Email archiving and metadata of the emails are some of the features that are used to capture the information about these emails. Email management software has become mandatory to every organisation as email servers cannot handle such large quantities of emails sent and received in any organisation. Email management software helps in legally preserving all emails, thereby reducing the cost involved in e-disclosure in case of any litigation or investigation. It is an essential tool used to archive emails of an organisation.

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