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A guide to free downloads of AVG antivirus software

AVG as a brand has a variety of available free antivirus or anti malware packages for your computer. As you are surely aware that your PC needs virus protection, it might be worth checking out your options before making a final decision. AVG virus protection has a proven track record and although paid options exist, why not go the free way?

The very basic: AVG's software suite

Exclusively for Windows First of all, it is good to know that AVG only has as virus program for Windows and does not support other operating systems to such a full extend. AVG is best known for being one of the best virus scanners available for free. When you browse to the website of AVG ( you will find that not only they offer a free version, but they also have more advanced options as well. What is the difference? The free version of the anti virus software provides a basic, or 'core', suite of functions. Although this might sound like you are missing out on a lot of extra spyware protection features, this is not entirely true. The truth is that even though you would extend your package to any of the paid versions, most likely you will be relying on the core experience anyway. Therefore, AVG free for Windows will provide you with the very basic virus security you need.

Further free options and other operating systems

Fighting malware
Besides being just an antivirus program, AVG has extended their core competences to other fields of potential harm, namely malware. Malware is software that pretends to help you in some way but instead will gain access to your computer with your (although unknowingly) consent.
Malware usually finds its way to your computer through internet browsers, which is an entirely separate field of concern besides the usual virus scans. This problem also occurs on both Windows and Mac. Scanning your search results
AVG security has a free tool for this available as well called 'LinkScanner', which is available for both Mac and PC. It basically scans your search results in real-time and lets you know if a website can potentially contain harmful software. It can even protect you when browsing to a particular website directly. AVG LinkScanner is available through Final word
So there you have it: protecting your PC from viruses and other harmful software does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can rest assured that with the free AVG scan options available for both Mac and Windows, you can browse around your computer and the web safely.

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