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A guide to juice cleanse diets

Juice cleanse diets clean the colon out completely by removing the toxins from the body, thus allowing the body to repair naturally. The longer the juice fast, the better. However, some need to start slowly and build up to a longer fast, as giving up food is not as easy as it may seem. Read more on how to prepare, begin and end a juice fast.

How to prepare for a juice cleanse diet

Juice fasting has become popular due to its ease of use. It is a fast diet to lose weight on, but more importantly, you will lose toxins, parasites and debris which are not needed in your system. To prepare for any fast whether water or juice or dry, you must feed your body properly. This is done by eating healthy foods a few weeks before the fast, and one week prior to the fast, start eliminating meats, processed foods, fatty foods and sugars. The day before the diet, you must have juice, fruit, veggies and broth type soups only. Limit your exercising and exertion also. It is best to jump for a few minutes daily on a rebounder, if you have one.

How to begin a fruit fast

Fruit fastings are fun to do, as the flavours are delicious and sugary. Most of the fruits have sugar. The most popular juice fast is with oranges. Drink the juice of one orange that is diluted with water every hour, and make sure to supplement it with a natural laxative to help to keep yourself regular. In addition to the orange juice, drink one glass of apple or pineapple juice daily. Vegetable juicing Vegetable fasting is more healthy, but less flavourful. Green juice is one of the most popular drinks with tonnes of vitamins and nutrients for cleansing. Green drink ideas include adding a few frozen fruits to your spinach or kale drink. Another good additive is to top the green drink with ground flax seeds. Make sure not to use any sugar in your juices. Sweeten them with honey or apples. You may want to add in some broccoli as a good preventative for cancer.

Completing your cleansing diet

A cleansing diet must be completed slowly. Do not re-enter food into your diet quickly. The first day that you end your fast, you can have light vegetable broths and juices. The second day, you can have whole fruits and juices, and the third day, you can start having soft foods and a salad. Gradually, start adding in healthy foods to your diet. If you start eating all at once, your body will go into starvation mode. This will cause you to eat too much, and will ruin the cleansing diet that you have struggled for.

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