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Connection between exercise and weight loss

People love to lose weight. Yet, not too many people are thrilled about working out. However, it has been shown time and again, that in order to plan for weight loss, a person must also be willing to plan to exercise. Read the following article to find out how exercising can help a person to reach their weight loss goals.

The math

To put it into simple terms, losing weight is nothing more than a math formula. A math formula that is based on the amount of calories eaten, and the number of calories burned. By consistently eating more calories that is burned off by the body, a person will inevitably gain weight. On the other hand, by consistently eating fewer calories that is burned off by the body, a person will be on the fast track to weight loss.

The body’s energy requirement

The human body naturally burns a number of calories every single day. No work needs to be done for this to happen. It is simply the body requiring energy to do basic things like pumping blood and oxygen. However, the body only needs about 2000 calories or less to perform those basic activities. Therefore, people eating more than 2000 calories a day will gain weight over time. That is unless, of course, if they burn off some extra calories by engaging in physical activity.

The deficit

When people exercise, they burn calories. This means two things for the individual who has taken the time to burn off those extra calories. The first option they have is to eat a little more calories than usual, and not gain weight. The second choice for them is to eat like they have normally been eating, and be able to lose weight because of the deficit in calories.

The argument

Some people like to argue that they do not have to exercise in order to create a deficit in calories. All they have to do is eat less food. Mathematically speaking, they are correct. However, there is something else that must be taken into account besides the calorie math formula.
The body’s metabolism can also greatly influence how much weight a person is able to lose. People that starve themselves risk ruining their metabolism, whereas people that exercise are able to boost their metabolism. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is by combining healthy weight loss foods with a consistent exercise routine.

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