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A guide to measuring bra size

Bras are unique and important piece of clothing since time immemorial. They mainly serve two purposes, which includes comfort and support of the breasts while at the same time they help the breast to have desirable shapes and looks. To a number of women, comfort and support features are still very important aspects but the bra today has evolved to become part of a woman’s look.

Brassiere problems

Today, bra clothing is radically undergoing an evolution with the average cap size for women being bigger than the historic perceived size. An older bra style no longer provides the comfort and support and as a result, every piece of bra is being rethought of, with support and comfort related issues demanding serious consideration. With the continued number of women still complaining of pain during exercise, its time to get to have serious considerations in the sizes of bras and to know whether they are the right size for us or not.

Bra sizes

Not all women have similar bra sizes, as a matter of fact, they have varied bra size. The sizes are given in number and letter-form, with the number representing the size of your rib cage and the letter representing your cup size. Some common sizes are 32e bra, 34b bra, 34e bra among others. The band size which is usually below your breast and top of your rib cage are always numbered e.g. 28, 30, 32, 34 etc. While the cup sizes take letters such as AA, B, D, E etc., after good measurement you may end up having a bra size labeled 30d cup, 32a bra and 32b bra. This simply means that if your chest is size 32 and your cups are c size, then you will have to use a 32c bra as this will fit you well, offering the much needed comfort and support. As the numbers increase so are the bra size which implies that you will need big and better bra as you grow older.

Cup sizes

It is hard to know the size cup without a bra and a simple method can be used to measure the breast cup size. For instance, take a tape measure and measure the distance form where the breast tissue begins to where it ends doing this across the nipple. Form your measurements you will be able to march with the standard cup size. E.g. dd cup size means your cup is 11 inches, or b cup which implies your cup size is 8.0 inches. The cup sizes differ both in the UK and the US e.g. The e cup is five inch and g cup is eight inch both from UK.

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