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A buyer's guide to going out tops

As fashion continues to evolve, there are increasingly creative styles in womenswear for going out. These range from fringe camisoles, one sleeve tunic, oversized T-shirts and bandeau to a simple tank top. It is advisable for those people who are on a budget to choose multi-functional tops that can be worn at school, at work and on a night out. This article is a guide to buying new tops for going out.

One sleeve

One sleeve shirts have revived from their demise in 2003. They are now popular again. Be careful when pairing a one-sleeved shirt or romper with a necklace as it may overshadow the shirt. Instead, opt for dangly earrings. Options for one-sleeved shirts are endless from sleek and solid colours to floral, striped and ruffled styles. Single-sleeved shirts come both in long-sleeved and short-sleeved styles. Pair a long, single-sleeved shirt with for a sleek and fun 'going out' look.


Tunics are great for any time of the year. They can be paired with jeans or leggings as well as boots or heels. Choose tunics that flatter the body and cinch in at the smallest part of the waist. If the ladies' tunic does not cinch, pair it with a fashionable waist belt. Tunics are great for bohemian style party-girls. Tunics come in a wide variety of styles such as military, plaid, sheer, cotton, striped and more.

Over-sized T-shirt and bandeau

A bandeau is a strapless top that is similar to a strapless bra. It is designed to cover only the breasts. Bandeaux come in solid colours, zip ups, lace, stripes or solid colours. They can be purchased online or at any garage clothing stores. For summer and fall, pair a V-neck, oversized T-shirt with oversized arm holes, with a coloured bandeau. The shirt should be big enough in the arm holes and front so that you can see parts of the bandeau. Wear your oversized shirt and bandeau with ripped jeans and flip-flops or heels.

Tank and blazer

Tank tops are the perfect going out top since they can be paired with anything for a going out look. You can pair a solid or floral tank top with a black- or brown-fitted blazer and skinny jeans. These women's tops are also great for going from school to a party or event. You can simply add a blazer, dangly earrings and a long necklace to go from casual to stylish.

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