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A guide to refrigerated display cases

Food retailers today understand the importance of refrigerated display cases as the visibility provided to the consumer goes a long way to ensuring the sale of goods. Refrigerated display cabinets, once used in supermarkets and grocery stores, are now becoming common even in hotels, gas stations and kiosks, spurring the demand for commercial fridges.

Refrigerated display: Types of displays

Based on the food item to be displayed, the refrigerated display cases can be classified into bar cabinets, cake display fridge and chiller display. For each type, there are a number of manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. Furthermore, refrigerated cabinets can either be counter-top display cases or towered.
Bar cabinets These are used to cool, display and for dispensing drinks. They can be either upright or under counter Cake display fridge
These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For smaller display areas, they are available as counter-top units, while for larger displays they are offered as freestanding units. Chiller display
An open chiller display provides for more merchandising space, allowing the display of more products. Proper location and maintenance of the cabinets is important in determining chill factor and savings in energy consumption.

Display manufacturers

In the U.K., there are a number of display manufacturers offering refrigerated cabinets. Top of the line equipment is manufactured by market leaders Arneg and Verco. There are a number of companies in the U.K. which act as importers and suppliers of international refrigerated display equipment.
Arneg refrigerated display cabinets
With years of experience in the refrigeration market, Arneg offers a range of display cabinets in any category. In the U.K., AGR Refrigeration Systems is a trusted distributer of Arneg products, offering the lowest prices on Arneg display cases. A compact Arneg display case can be bought here starting at £1,199 (this price seen at
Verco: Verco offers an unbeatable range of chiller cabinets, freezer cabinets and accessories. Committed to providing quality products, Verco is responsible for many technology advances in the field of refrigerated display cabinets. Prices vary depending on the size of the display case. Visit for a full listing of products and their prices.

In conclusion: Investing in a refrigerated display case

In order to maximise customer buying potential, while at the same time keeping food items fresh and preserved, it is important to invest in the correct type of display unit, according to the needs and budget of the retailer. With newer technologies coming into effect in the field of refrigeration, the display cabinet is definitely here to stay.

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