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A guide to rental homes in Florida

If you like tropical weather and the beach scene, then Florida would appeal to you. This article is a guide for individuals who are looking for a home to stay while in Florida.

Main guide

There are lots of things to do in this state since it is home to several attractions such as beach resorts, theme parks, and golf courses.
Thus, it comes to no surprise that Florida is considered to be one of the top vacation spots in the US. Initial search
Search for information on the Internet.
If you like a house near the beach, then it would be good for you to look for Florida beach homes in beach towns such as Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando, or St. Petersburg.
If you’re in Florida, check out its theme parks, then search for home listings in Orlando. Rental sites
Browse the Internet for home rental sites.
Examples of property rental companies that you can check out are,, and Compare
Compare properties side by side, paying particular attention to price and features. Also, check out the accessibility of homes to attractions you are planning to visit. Contacting the property manager or owner
After you have decided on a home, contact the person or party who is in charge of the property.
You can do this by either making a phone call or if possible, by sending out an email. Contract signing
Once you have agreed on the terms, you can then sign the contract and pay your deposit.
Also, don't forget to ask when your final payment is due. Before moving in
After completing your payment, ask the person in charge for the keys or access to your home.
If you are working with an agent, you might have to visit his company’s office for your keys.

Additional tips

Annual lease or seasonal?
A lease agreement that is below six months is considered seasonal, and thus by law is subject to tax equivalent to 12% of the monthly lease rate. Bringing in of Pets
Keep in mind that many Florida condos have a strict policy against pets.
If you are planning to bring your animal companion with you to Florida, you might be better off in finding a more traditional Florida home.

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