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A guide to seeing Broadway shows in New York City

Lovers of musicals will know that the best place to see stage shows such as Hairspray and Rent is on Broadway in NYC. However, people who are not from New York City may not know how to get a ticket to a Broadway show. Thankfully, this can be purchased from a number of retailers.

How to see a Broadway show

Helpful tips
The first thing that tourists should do is pick a show that they want to see.
Some of the more popular shows have been running in Broadway for many years.
If you have never seen a Broadway show before, and if you do not know which show will be to your liking , you should check out reviews in newspapers like the New York Times. Tickets
The next step of the process is to buy tickets.
Buyers should take the time to look online for discounted tickets.
However, it is important to remember that certain shows will not have discounted tickets as they are so popular that they are booked out in advance.
Overseas or out of town visitors should book their tickets in advance, so that they do not miss out. Scalpers
It is important that buyers never buy a ticket from a scalper. These tickets are often counterfeit.
Those who purchase this so-called Broadway ticket are not only going against the law, but they are also wasting their money as they will not be able to go to a show.

At the show

Once they buyer is at the show, he or she will need to pick their seats.
If the show is a musical, it may not be wise to sit in the first few row as the sound levels will be high in this area.
The best seats are generally in the middle of the theater.
The more popular shows will have allocated seating.
Keep in mind that these theaters often have cramped seating.
In the winter months, it is likely that coats and bags will have to sit on the floor. After the show
At lot of people like to make their trip to the theater a whole night affair.
Those who want to have dinner afterward should make a reservation in advance.
It is likely that most of the restaurants that are within close proximity of the theater will be fully booked on the night of the show.

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