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A guide to small computers

Small computers, sometimes known as mini computers or Netbooks are a good investment if you love portable gadgets and devices. However, there are two things that you need to consider before investing in one:

1. What are the features in comparison to the price of the computer

Small computers usually come loaded with almost every feature that regular sized computers have. The only difference is that they are not intended to be used as power computers (e.g. like those used as servers, etc) or for some industry specific needs (e.g. Graphics design, etc). To choose an ideal mini computer, you need to compare the features of various brands and models with their prices respectively. Many companies now make smaller sized notebooks, so you will most likely be able to find one with your favourite design and brand name. Common features of mini computers - They are available in many colours
- They have about 200 to 250 Gigabytes of memory in the hard disk
- They usually come with 1 Gigabyte of physical memory
- An Operating system is installed
- A Webcam
- 10.1 to 12 inch screen
- Battery life ranging from 8 to 10 hours Features that cost more
Depending on the mini computer that you plan on buying, the following features can be added, but with a slightly increased price tag: - Increase the physical memory to a maximum of 16 Gigabytes of RAM
- Upgrade from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0
- Increasing the hard disk capacity up to a maximum of 720 GB
- Add the ability to connect to 3G or 4G networks

2. What do you plan on doing with the computer?

Usage of the small computer Small computers are not usually designed or intended for heavy-duty programs and for raw computing power, but there are a few exceptions.
If you are a writer, or a business person, or someone in a field who doesn't require physical memory intensive programs, then these small-form computers (notebooks or netbooks) are for you. The majority of these computers handle web browsing (checking emails, etc), word processing (e.g. Using Microsoft Word, Excel, etc) and listening to music very well. Laptops which do just the previously mentioned tasks are more affordable. If you plan on playing 3D games, like the famous first-person shooters and others, you may have to invest some more cash to get a mini computer which is capable of doing that. It is important to note that computers which are this powerful are not very common in mini computer sizes. Some compromise with respect to brand names and price might be necessary to get the ideal mini computer you want.

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