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A guide to taking a Carnival Cruise ship

Taking a cruise can be exciting and fun but you may wonder about Carnival Cruise ships. Thousands of people each year use Carnival for their cruises and you can enjoy their cruises as well. You may want to learn a little bit about the ship and their services first so you will be prepared and have the most knowledge about cruise information and what to expect.

The Fun Ship

Carnival Cruise Lines are known as the Fun Ship. This cruise line is perfect for families and those that like to party and have fun. Carnival has many ships to choose from such as the Carnival Spirit, Carnival Imagination, Carnival Dream, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Victory and Carnival Freedom. Those are just a few of the many ships that are available. Port of call
However, the ship you go on will depend on a few factors such as which port you leaving out of or which port you plan on visiting. For instance, the Carnival Fantasy does not leave out of California, so you can only take that ship typically out of Florida and it usually goes on to The Bahamas. Carnival Cruises vacations are a great way to visit another country. You can take a 3-day cruise or a cruise that extends over several weeks - it all depends on what you want to do.


There are many advantages of taking a cruise with Carnival Corp. No extra costs
First of all, almost everything is inclusive. This means that once you pay for your cruise, there aren't many extras to worry about. Your meals, lodging and entertainment are all part of the price. The only extras that you should be aware of are alcohol drinks, tips, gift shop items and soda fountain drinks. Note:
There are a few places where you may pay more such as the specialty coffee shop or the laundry service but typically it is all covered in your initial payment.
Shore excursions
If you plan to take shore excursions through Carnival travel services, then those are extra as well but they can be paid for in advance, so you not only don't have to worry about paying later.You could also make reservations well in advance before it fills up, since seating can be limited.
Final word
So whether you want to take cruises from Miami or just enjoy a cruise to nowhere (which are available), you will make an excellent choice with Carnival.

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