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A guide to the free google earth download

Google Earth is an interactive virtual globe that you can download onto your computer.

Review the requirements

Definition and overview
Google Earth collects images from satellites around the world, and offers you a detailed view.
Google Earth also has some great functions, such as a flight simulator and street view that gives you a detailed view of the surroundings around you.
You can download and install Google Earth on your computer in a few short steps. Special requirements
You must have a computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Google Earth also works with Mac OS X operating system and newer and Linux based systems.

Visit the Google Earth download page.

Navigate to to download Google Earth.

Downloading Google Earth

How to download Google Earth
Click on Download Google Earth Now and a new screen opens.
From here, you have the option to download Google’s Chrome browser.
It is checked by default.
If you do not want to download Google Chrome, clear the check from the check box Include Google Chrome.
Review Google Earth’s Terms and Conditions
This includes refraining from using Google Earth to harass others or for terrorist activities.
Violation of the terms will lead to being blocked from using the software, and can also cause federal prosecution.
Click "Agree" and "Download" and a new window opens.

Download and install Google Earth

Other steps
Click Run to run and install Google Earth now, or select "Save to download" and install Google Earth at a later time.
The download will take approximately ten seconds on a high-speed Internet connection.
After having downloaded Google Earth, a new dialogue box opens.
Click Run and the Google Updater dialogue box opens. After downloading
The entire download process can take a few minutes to complete.
When Google Earth has finished downloading, a prompt comes up on the screen asking if you want to install the program.
Click the Install button to start the installation process.
This can take a few minutes, depending upon the speed of your computer and Internet. Final word
After having downloaded and installed the software, a Google Earth icon appears on the desktop.
Double-click the Google Earth icon on the desktop to open the program, and start exploring the Google world in Google 3D.

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