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A review of Alice + Olivia clothing

It all started with a quest to create the perfect pair of flattering, form-fitting trousers. Stacey Bendet launched the Alice and Olivia in 2002. In its almost ten years in existence, the brand has grown to include multiple collections - including a children’s range and a newly launched shoe collection - and is now a complete lifestyle brand. This article provides you with a review of Alice + Olivia clothing.

Stacey Bendet and the birth of Alice + Olivia

A native of New York, Stacey Bendet went on to study at the University of Pennsylvania. She had collected a range of jeans, but couldn’t find the perfect pair of pants. After searching, shopping, snipping, tailoring and sewing, she set out to make her perfect trousers. Collection Her collection was launched at Barneys in New York and was an instant success. Two years after its launch, in 2004, Stacey incorporated a men’s wear sweater collection called Anthony + Mo. In 2008, the first Alice + Olivia stand-alone boutique was opened in Los Angeles. Alice + Olivia now have five more boutiques in their collection in locations like New York, Greenwich, Southampton and Malibu. The Alice + Olivia range now includes a children’s wear collection and a shoe collection. Stacey Bendet is involved with the Bent on Learning campaign, and was created with Enso Scholarship Fund and with fellow Pennsylvania alumni, Josh Fink.

Alice + Olivia collection

Alice + Olivia is a sophisticated brand with a playful sensibility. It is a full
ready-to-wear women’s collection that include dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, leggings, skirts, sweaters, tops and the item that started it all, trousers. In their portfolio is a Basic Collection. This is a range of simple, neutral-coloured pieces that are ideal for layering and creating a capsule wardrobe. The Career Collection caters for the modern working woman with dresses, blazers, skirts, trousers and blouses that are simple, elegant, and will translate perfectly from the boardroom to a cocktail party. Alice and Olivia dresses Alice & Olivia dresses have a perfect blend of casual chic and business savvy. They are ideal for any occasion. An Alice and Olivia dress can take you from brunch to a business meeting with stylish ease.

Buying Alice + Olivia

Although Alice + Olivia is an American brand, it is available in 700 stores across the globe. In the United Kingdom, the collection is available at Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The brand is also available online at and

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