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A review of Dataflex under desk drawers

The Dataflex under desk keyboard tray is a perfect accessory for situations where desk space is limited and the keyboard can't be allowed to occupy desktop space. When required, the user can slide it out up to 270 mm on the keyboard tray screwed in underneath the desk. It's like a drawer keyboard, or like thin and small storage drawers.

Product specs

This pull out keyboard tray can hold keyboards that are at most 520 mm. For those seeking to plan for overall dimensions, the keyboard desk will be about 760 x 425 x 100 in terms of dimensions in mm. The recommended Max keyboard dimensions are 520 x 200 x 55 mm. This should work for all standard PC/AT 101 keyboards. For those wondering about the mouse, Dataflex has an add-on product that fits in along with the keyboard tray so that the user can slide out both as and when required.

Positive points

1. Ergonomic
This slide-in, slide-out arrangement is ergonomic and doesn't require unnatural positions. It reduces the strain on the user's back, elbows, wrists and shoulders.
2. Saves space
The biggest advantage obviously is that it saves desktop space. This is especially useful in small office cubicles or in commercial establishments like internet cafes. 3. Wear and tear Since the keyboard is tucked in safely into a cabinet drawer when not in use, it doesn't get exposed to the same amount of dust, liquids, scratches, accidental spills or hard knocks. This means the keyboard looks better and lasts longer.

Negative points

1. Needs installation
On the minus side, it does need to be installed as a distinct piece apart from the furniture desk. This requires drilling holes in the desk, which is difficult if it is a steel desk. 2. Out-of-date This particular Dataflex keyboard tray, with parallel rollers screwed in under the desk to slide the keyboard in and out, is slightly out-of-date compared to the adjustable ones that are currently available. 3. Extra spending For a company or individual that's looking to cut back on non-essential spending, this is one of those things. It's always possible to make do with a keyboard on top of the desk, instead of buying an under desk keyboard tray that costs extra.

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