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A review of 'Divorce For Dummies' by E. Walsh

Divorce for Dummies is a convenient guide book for anyone seeking a divorce. No one contemplates such a situation while getting married. Therefore, separated couples suddenly find themselves in a confused state in which they do not know what to do in order to seek a divorce. 'Divorce for Dummies' is a great DIY step-by-step handbook for such an eventuality.

Elaborate companion

This book is an elaborate companion for someone suddenly caught in the turmoil of a divorce. The book is divided into convenient sections, detailing out in plain language the law for dummies in divorce. The book is written by Elizabeth Walsh who is a legal expert and editor of Family Law which has been voted as ‘Legal Journal of the year.’ Her collaborators are Hilary Woodward and Thelma Fisher. They are both recognised legal and mediation specialists.

Quick break

The book emphasises on targeting for a quick break. A long and drawn out battle can be nerve racking. The book concentrates and elaborates upon UK divorce laws. The three areas which are closely looked at and explained are, ‘separation and preparation for divorce’; ‘UK divorce law and how it affects the litigants and their children’ and finally ‘how to manage divorce costs and finances.’

Managing separation

Separation suddenly burdens individuals with costs and expenses which were earlier jointly shared. It can be difficult especially for a woman to take care of the children and the finances efficiently without a father figure in the house. The book does a remarkable job here in explaining in simple language what the separated mother or father has to do in order to manage things properly.

Looking ahead

Each step in the divorce is littered with emotionally disturbing maneuvers for the mother and the child. Explaining the reasons for the separation to the children is one of the toughest tasks. The book explains the steps to be taken in order to protect the children from emotional trauma. The really helpful chapters in the book are- ‘choosing a family solicitor’ and ‘Putting the decision in the hands of the Judge,’ A divorce is not the end of the world. 'Divorce for Dummies' tells readers how to look ahead and cope fearlessly with the future and remarriage. It is a necessary book for the modern library where divorce has become so common.

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