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A review of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002)

Produced by FHE Pictures, Big Idea Productions and Lion Gates Films, Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie is an animated production that tells the popular Bible story by using the cast of the popular Veggie Tales series. This article will provide a review of this film.

Storyline of the movie

Initial story The story starts with Bob the Tomato running into car trouble and getting lost while taking some kids to a concert. The group has to wait at a run-down seafood restaurant where they hear the story of the veggie tales Jonah. (Archibald the Asparagus) This story is told by "The Pirates Who Won't Do Anything, a group of three vegetable pirates. Jonah's story Jonah is commanded by God to go to the people of Ninevah. He is hesitant because of the Ninevites reputation of slapping each other around with fish. After some contemplation, Jonah makes a decision. Instead of following God's instructions, he takes a trip in the opposite direction. In the midst of storm, he ends up in the belly of a whale where he learns about Divine Intervention.

Positive points

Important lessons This veggie tales DVD teaches the kids about Divine Intervention and the importance of second chances. The Veggie Tales Story of Jonah teaches kids that people need second chances and that it is important to show compassion and mercy to others. Fun and short Although, the story is a morality tale, it is not preachy. Rather, the story is told in a fun way that draws both kids and parents in. Running 83 minutes in length, the story is shorter than most movies that kids watch, so their attention span does not wonder. The songs in this movie are fun and easy to sing a song with.

Negative points

Fish hitting Kids, who are prone to imitate, may find the scenes where the Ninevites hit each other with fish funny. Parents should caution kids that it is not appropriate to hit another person even in fun. Exciting scenes Parents should not show parts of this movie to kids who are easily upset. Some of the scenes in the movie may be too exciting for your children. When Jonah is thrown into the ocean and when Bob the Tomato encounters the porcupine are examples of these scenes. Not a precise retelling Jonah: a Veggie Tales Movie is not a precise retelling of the Biblical story. Parents who are watching this with their kids might need to explain this to their kids in order to avoid confusion in young minds.

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