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A review of The Travel Channel

Do you like to watch programmes about travel? Then why not watch the Travel Channel. It has programmes about different destinations, luxury travel, gear and gadgets and food and drink. Read more about the Travel Channel here.


The Travel Channel broadcasts many different programmes. Some of the most watched are: Bizarre Foods
In the programme Bizarre Foods, culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern has exotic food adventures. He tastes dishes from all over the world and eats what the locals eat. He learns about food practices that he did not even know existed. In this season of Bizarre Foods, he goes to places with extreme climates to learn about the food preparation there. He also goes dumpster diving with freegans, visits Syria where he seeks herbs that go back to Biblical times and eats brain tacos in Baja. No reservations
Chef Anthony Bourdain won an Emmy for this show in which he travels the globe where he meets interesting individuals while trying local cuisine. As a cook, he understands and appreciates the differences in cultural heritage and he uses the different cooking styles to uncover the culture of the place. Ghost adventures
In Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin explore and investigate the most notorious haunted places of the earth. This show is one of the creepiest on travel television as they interview eye witnesses and have themselves locked up in the haunted places for the night. Man vs food nation Man vs food nation is the follow up to the popular show Man vs food of the Travel Channel. In it Adam Richman finds bizarre food challenges. In the new show, he recruits new talent.

Explore the world

On the website of the Travel Channel (, you can click on a world map and see the different stories that have aired on all the destinations. You can also check out the different stories and watch the travel video by looking for certain types of travel, for example luxury travel, cruises, family travel, food and drink, mancations and getaways.

Travel competitions

The Travel Channel sets up travel competitions from time to time. Check out for current competitions for which you can enroll.

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