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A review of Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a website that offers diet reviews and diet product tips. They also offer a free diet loss e-book and MP3 guide which promises to reveal a number of secret dieting facts. This article reviews the Weight Loss website and e-book (MP3 files) and give the positives and negatives as regards to these.

The Weight Loss website and e-books

When the site is accessed, a pop-up box asks for email details in order to receive the "Journey To A New You" e-book and MP3 files. These features are promised in the e-book and MP3 files: 1. "The most important factor that can stop weight loss dead in its tracks (and how to avoid it)"
2." 3 things that will sabotage any weight loss program
3. "How to train your stomach and your brain to help you in losing weight"
4. "The fastest ways to lose weight WITHOUT starving yourself or resorting to dangerous diet pills" Are the advertised features delivered? Upon entering contact details into the form, a new page appears with links that will enable you to download the files. Unfortunately, the MP3 file cannot be downloaded (an error message is usually shown). The e-book can be downloaded, and it contains 27 pages of general dieting and weight loss advice, such as setting realistic goals, cutting back on junk food, drinking more water and doing more exercise. None of the advertised secret tips are listed in the e-book. However, there is a section on diets which lists Internet resources for the top 10 diets and provides advice on finding a diet that works for you. Bonus E-book
As well as the "Journey To A New You" e-book, there was a bonus E-book included called "Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success", which was advertising a paid book called "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle".

Positive points

· The website owner posts Q&A on diet reviews, diets that work and other diet questions.
· The e-book "Journey To A New You" contains helpful information for people just starting out on diets.
· The e-book "Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success" contains some motivational help and information on burning fat and weight loss that would be useful to people looking for the most effective diet.

Negative points

· The advertised 'secret dieting tips' are not delivered in the e-books.
· The MP3 file couldn't be downloaded.
· Most of the dieting tips in the e-books were quite general and common-sense recommendations that most people on diets would already know.
· You are required to purchase a book if you want to get the real dieting tips.

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