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A review of a Makita table saw

In the world of powertools, Makita stands out for its range of table saws. Backed by nearly 100 years of experience and applying the latest technologies, Makita saws claim to have more power, less weight and be more compact and energy-efficient. Makita makes power tools like power saws, power drills and woodworking tools. Here is a review of some of the Makita tools available today.

Makita table saws and other tools

Makita has been making highly reliable tools for years and the company’s commitment to building safety features into their tools for added protection, make them a preferred choice. Makita power drills feature high torque motors and are easy to handle. Table saws Makita’s table saws have extra large capacity that can cut through 4X materials easily. Makita blades with adjustable dual side guards allow for easy measurement for cutting. In addition, you can opt for either a rigid or folding stand for the table saw. The 10” 2705 model is a favourite at carpentry shops and job sites because of its durability. Drills and hammer Makita’s power drills and the Makita hammers are highly valued because of their superior power-to-weight ratios and faster speeds. The rotary Makita hammer has different settings allowing it to be used as hammer and a drill, or a hammer or just as a drill.

Positive points

Positives Body 2: It is easy to see why users rate Makita high on their list of power tools. With superior features, Makita’s table saws outperform competition. Here is a list of Makita’s excellent features. Subhead1: Power and accuracy: Most Makita table saws will rip through material in just one pass. Designed for continuous use, a Makita is highly durable and rarely suffers overuse. These table saws also come with electric brakes for increased accuracy. Subhead2: Safety: Makita’s safety features are well known. The Makita 2705 comes with two anti-kickback pawls to prevent kickback. All table saws come with a one year warranty.

Negative points

With all the positive features of a Makita table saw, a few user reviews indicate a downside as well. Here are some not-so-good features that Makita users have commented about. General problems A Makita rip fence does not lock on easily and this is listed as a disadvantage for the table saw. For the 2703 model, many users have reported that this table saw is not capable of performing tough cutting jobs. Weight Another common grouse about Makita table saws are that they are heavy to carry. However, with the power they pack, their relative heaviness is a feature that can be tolerated. All said, Makita make one of the best tools in their trade and will remain popular with wood craftsmen.

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