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A review of the Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuums cleaner

The Hoover Wind Tunnel is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner. It comes equipped with onboard tools which are used for various "above floor" cleaning tasks. As it is bagless, the cleaner's dust-cup is detachable and is emptied directly into a dustbin.

Using the Windtunnel

Floor cleaning The Hoover Windtunnel has a revolving brush and beater bar. The height of the floor cleaning head can be adjusted to suit the depth of carpet pile being vacuumed. The brush and beater can be turned off to vacuum hard flooring. Above floor cleaning The Hoover Windtunnel's hose is released from the floor cleaning head and attached to either one of the tools or an extension wand to allow greater reach. Cleaning tools The Windtunnel comes with a powered hand tool which is used to vacuum carpeted stairs, upholstery and car interiors.
It also has an upholstery tool which is used to clean soft furnishings, and a crevice tool. This is used to remove dirt and dust from narrow gaps, the edge of flooring and the tops of skirting boards.

Positive points

The ability to raise and lower the floor cleaning head means the user can achieve optimum cleaning results more easily. The floor head can be set at a height which makes it easy to push across a very deep pile carpet but can be adjusted for a very short pile to ensure the necessary contact is made with the carpet's surface. Standard accessory
The powered hand tool makes the cleaning of stairs easier as there is no need to press against suction while pushing a small cleaning nozzle over the treads and risers. It is also useful for vacuuming carpet in gaps too narrow for the Windtunnel's main cleaning head. Tools stored on-board the cleaner
This makes it easy to switch from one cleaning task to another as you vacuum your home. You do not need to carry them separately. It also means there is less likelihood of you losing one of the tools.

Negative points

Lack of dusting brush
The range of tools supplied with the cleaner does not include a "dusting brush". The upholstery tool incorporates a brush but dusting is not mentioned in the manual as one of its uses. Universal fitting dusting tools can be obtained online or at electrical store. The cleaner is not equipped with a hard floor attachment. The brush bar can be turned off to allow cleaning by suction only but if you have mainly hard floors it might be better to consider a cylinder cleaner. Lack of hoover vacuum cleaner bags
The dust-cup has to be carried to a bin for emptying. You just cannot lift out a bag and dispose of it.

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