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A review of the best small business blogs

There are many business blogs, from how to start your own business to how to improve an existing one. On the other side of the spectrum, there are more creative blogs whose authors invent creative theories, and have an unusual take on the world of business. This article seeks to give you a snapshot of the many best available small business blogs. It also hopes to introduce you to the small business opportunities that will inform and enrich your business experience.


One of such blogs is ‘Freakonomics’, which is on the creative side of business
blogs, as gathered from the title. This blog is a follow-on from the best-selling
book ‘Freakonomics’ by Steven Levitt, an economist at the University of Chicago and Stephen J. Dubner, the New York Times journalist. They have devised various theories such as giving politicians large financial incentives, and a long period of time during which to reach their targets. Their most popular blogs include the discussions on why airlines constantly lose money, and the case against animal testing.

Going private

Another popular business blog is ‘Going Private', written anonymously. Dubbed as “sardonic memoirs of private equity professional” , the author gives an account of his life in the world of private banking and finance. For newcomers to the blog, there is a brief introduction to the point page about the authors' background and their motivation for their blog. They cite that they had never seen a blog as such, and suggest that theirs is one of a kind.


Beehive is an award-winning blog by Steve Bee, head of pensions at the Royal London Group. His blog focuses on the hot debated topic of pensions in the business world. His awards include Money Marketing’s industry "Personality of the Year" in 2004 and 2005 and "Outstanding contribution to the Industry" in 2006 and 2007.

Abnormal returns

Abnormal Returns has been cited by the Times Online as “a daily directory of
investment reports, comment and rumour”. Over its five-year life span, it has come to be well-respected within the business blogosphere. It is written with a wealth of experience behind it as its founder, Tadas Viskanta, was a private investor for over 20 years, and has appeared in many related publication, such as ‘Financial Analyst Journal’.

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