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How to make online diaries

Long gone are the days when diaries were restricted to being flimsy paper books that could be read only by yourself. Now, you can publish your thoughts online, kissing goodbye to your filo fax and saying hello to your wonderful new web diary. Keeping an online diary is known as blogging, and it is mainly free.

Why should I keep an online diary?

There's no unwritten rule to say that you absolutely should keep an online diary, but there are plenty of good reasons for doing so. By using an online journal such as My Journal or Opendiary, you will be able to document some of the most special moments of your life, create a platform to rant or you can even help others. Many bloggers are also able to connect with each other and find great support in doing so. For example, you can connect with other parents or you could share your journey through something troubling, such as discrimination or cancer. The downside to keeping an online diary Of course, there is a downside to going with the online dear diary route. If you choose to keep your online diary public, then you may attract criticism from others. The internet is full of opinionated people who aren't afraid to voice their thoughts, so, do bear that in mind when you create your blog.

Where can I get an online diary?

There are many great websites that now offer free online diaries and blogs. Many of them come with additional features such as customising the look of your diary as well as giving you the ability to make money through advertising and affiliate marketing. Try a simple network such as or For a more community-based approach, try a network such as If you want a more specialised diary, such as one that tracks your diet, try something like My Net Diary. This will allow you to share your dieting and health journey as well as gaining support. Promoting your online diary If you want to promote your online diary to others, the best thing to do is to visit other diaries and forums and leave comments with a link to your diary. You may also want to use word of mouth amongst your friends.

How do I make money from keeping an online diary?

You may eventually want to make money from your online diary or blog. This can be done through Google Adsense as well as through an affiliate marketing. It may take a long time before you begin to make a lot of money from your online diary, so do keep your expectations realistic.
A final word You will also want to remember the initial aim of your diary. Therefore, don't make it spammy and drive away your readership.

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